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News and Updates about my work

[ 7 de fevereiro de 2019 ]

Rod Rodrigues is one of the new Ibox artists

R.R. is now officially one of the new Ibox artists! using the new Damper!Perfect for live performances and studio recordings.Click here for more info.


[ 7 de fevereiro de 2019 ]

NEW VÍDEO – The Distance – Guitar Playthrough

“The Distance”, from the EP “The First Step: Introduction”, check the new Guitar Playthrough video on Youtube.


[ 22 de junho de 2018 ]

Conheça o curso Extreme Guitar Workout

O treinamento definitivo para desenvolver o máximo da sua técnica! Dividido em 6 módulos, o curso vai do básico ao intermediário/avançado, com técnicas como Palhetada Alternada, Ligados, Two Hands Tapping, Sweep Picking e Hybrid Picking levando o estudante ao resultado imediato com pouco estudo![...]

[ 16 de fevereiro de 2018 ]

Guitar Shred E-Book – English Version is out now!

This is a research carried out over the course of many years, which I show all the techniques under a rather personal view according to the ways that I do in my solos, improvisations and compositions.


In this study, you’ll see how I use the techniques such as scales and arpeggios. [...]

[ 19 de agosto de 2017 ]

Guitar Clinic in Toronto – Canada

First time in Toronto, Guitar Clinic with Rodrigo Rodrigues at Busters Music.

August 19, 4pm at Busters Music, 932 Bloor St W.

Tickets: Free!

Busters Guitar Clinic[...]

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