Tales Of A Changing Life Part 1 is OUT NOW!


Brazilian/Canadian guitarist Rod Rodrigues is kicking off the new year with a brand-new EP. Containing five songs, “Tales of a Changing Life Part 1” is the follow up to the 2010’s “The First Step: Introduction”, and features Rod’s most melodic and elaborate work to date.

Rod Rodrigues has played guitar for thirty years, and developed his style by mixing influences from prog, metal, fusion and jazz. He is primarily focused on the Progressive Melodic style, where he is not worried about playing a million notes per second, but where melody is the main point. The new EP is the first part of a conceptual story told in musical notes, which celebrates the changes in Rod’s life in recent years. He wears his influences on his sleeve on the five tracks of “Tales of a Changing Life Part 1”, with prog elements and shred guitars being sprinkled with funk and fusion.

Rod enlisted Italian guitarist Marco Sfogli (James Labrie, PFM) on the expansive track “Woodbine Sunset”. The evocative cover art was done by Gus Avancini, and encapsulates Rod’s journey through different geographical locations, different weathers and different moods. The EP is truly an odyssey through the realms of instrumental music.

The EP tracklist is as follows:

1 – The Opening / D257
I – Ad Ostium
II – The Second Step: Liberty
III – What Lies Ahead
2 – Woodbine Sunset (Feat. Marco Sfogli)
3 – La Premiere Experience
4 – Changing Plans
5 – Physical Distancing (Feat. Dallton Santos and Renato Osorio)
Three songs were already revealed, and can be seen and heard on the links below: Woodbine Sunset (Feat. Marco Sfogli): La Premiere Experience:
Changing Plans:
You can check “Tales of a Changing Life Part.1” on the links below:
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“Tales of a Changing Life Part 1”

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Aside from the new EP, Rod’s plans for 2022 are already in full flight: a new single is being planned for release in May, and the writing process for the follow up of “Tales of a Changing Life Part 1” is already underway. Allow yourself to be taken on a musical trip, via the crafty hands of Rod Rodrigues!

was mixed by Renato Osório, edited by Diego Pereira and Benhur Lima, and mastered

by Tony Lindgren (James LaBrie, Marty Friedman, Opeth and others) at Fascination Studios in Sweden. The lineup of

each track is as follows:

Rod Rodrigues / Guitars

Marco Sfogli / Second Guitar solo on Track 2

Heitor Tenorio / Bass on Tracks 1 and 4

Mike McLaren / Drums on Track 1

Orlan Charles / Keyobards on Tracks 1,2,4 and 5

Bruno Ladislau / Bass on Tracks 2 and 3

Rodrigo Abelha / Drums on Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 5

Fabiano Pires / Percussion on Track 2

Milo Andreo / Keyboards on Track 3

Ricardo Parronchi / Bass on Track 5

Dallton Santos / First Guitar solo on Track 5

Renato Osório / Second Guitar Solo on Track 5